Monday, April 26, 2010

I heart faces- "Smiles" Challenge

I love I heart faces and I rarely have an entry where a photo immediately pops into my head! This my first born with her Uncle Jay. She thinks the world of him... can you tell?

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Cullman Photographer- The Cooper Clan

I would like to introduce you to The Cooper Clan. These amazing babies are truly the work of God. This post is going to be extremely hard for me to write without crying.
Jennifer and Shaun finally got pregnant only to find out at every doctors visit that there was one more baby each time. Talk about not wanting to go back to the doctor! 
They became known as The Cooper Quads quickly.  They knew that going full term wasn't an option, Jennifer just hoped to make it to February. While we were in California for the National Title game, the day her husband and brother left for Vegas, she was put in the hospital for bed rest until they were born. What a trooper! 

The babies were born 3 months ago, although small, they were all healthy. Jennifer and Shaun spent most nights staying in Birmingham and sending those babies all the love they could through those incubators. At around 6 weeks, little Berkley Faith started having some issues. After a week of an emotional roller coaster for the entire family, she passed. Jennifer and Shaun did get to hold all four of their babies at one time and they do have a picture. I know they will cherish it forever. 

For me, it's weird to call them triplets, because they will always be the Cooper Quads to me. My little Addison has enjoyed looking at the pictures of "All those babies" and I know she can't wait to hold one.

Without further ado, here is The Cooper Clan!! 

I feel like she's throwing up a peace sign. Reminds me of her Uncle "B"

Brayden's little feetsies!

"No more pictures, please!"

This is my husbands favorite

With this one a close second!

I love this picture, because Bryant wouldn't leave. He is either very protective of the babies or is afraid his mama is going to leave him!

I love this pillow! Don't all mothers need this?

I cannot wait to watch these precious babies grow up!!! I love you, Brayden, Brindley, and Brooklyn!!! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cullman Engagement Photographer- Jennifer and Wes

I have known Jennifer and Wes since High School. So, it was such an honor to get to do their engagement session! Wes is in the Army and has done TWO tours of duty, while Jennifer has been in the States. I don't know how they did it, but kuddos!! They are so adorable together and you can really see the love they have for each other!

Jennifer's eyes are absolutely stunning!

Her ring is gorgeous too!

Congrats you guys! You are an awesome couple! I wish you MANY years of happiness ahead!

Rachel McPhillips Photography- Zills Family

The Zills are one of my favorite families, not only do we have an arranged marriage with Nate and Addison, they are just fabulous to hang out with! I'm not sure how Nate and Addison are going to make through going to two separate colleges, but I'm sure they will work it out! :) 

Isn't Nate just adorable?

Here is Jeremy... he really comes out of his shell when we talks about Auburn Football!

Little Ansley wasn't really feeling the camera, but she is gorgeous and no amount of serious looks could hide it!

I love this picture!!

As a mother of daughters, this picture tugs on my heartstrings because she is putting make up on Liz!

I love this lady!!!

She kept picking flowers and applying make up! I wonder where she learned this technique?

No children were harmed in the making of this picture...

 I love you Zills Family! You rock!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cullman Area Photographer- Caleb

In case you didn't know, I am portfolio building newborns, and Caleb lives right across the street! He is so cute! He was asleep for the first half of the session, but woke up when I started putting funny hats on him. His big brother and Addison love to play together, their favorite thing to do? Chase each other around. 

I feel like he is smiling at me in this one. 

I just got this hat in a few weeks ago and hadn't had a little boy to try it out on!

I love his little shirt!

Is there anything more precious than some baby feet? I just want to kiss them!

Thanks Caleb for being such a good boy and waiting until the session was finished to have that blow out diaper!