Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cullman, AL Family Photographer--The "Q" Family

My sister being a nursery nurse, has introduced me to some amazing people. Megan is one of them. This lady, she works for her family. She is an amazing family person. She's pretty crafty too!! "C" just turned one a few weeks ago and "M"- well, he is full of energy. Megan kept asking me if I wanted boys, and I replied, "No thank you." I enjoy the princess movies and the dress up. Boys? They make guns out of sticks and like to run around. 

"C" was cool in this basket until it turned her over. And then she was over it and over me. 

Ahh.. the stick gun. Gotta love 'em. 

"C's" face when she says dog. I. Die. At the adorableness.

I'm pretty sure he is wondering what he can get into next.

I love this picture. Mom is all smiles, proud of her babies. Baby girl is hitting big brother on the head while brother screams. Classic. I swear, you can't write this stuff.

But you see? Boys love their Mama's. So, maybe I could handle that aspect of boys.

Thanks guys... I know it was hot, but y'all are amazing subjects!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cullman, AL Baby Photographer That Cooper Clan

Sometimes, there are people that come into your lives for a reason. It could be for any reason. You could meet them in passing and become great friends. You could have been friends with them for years, but develop a friendship during crisis and not know how you lived without them. You could have gone to school with them, and then one football weekend, fall in love with them and their family and bond over insane family members. 

The latter happened to me with The Coopers. 

I wouldn't have it any other way. They came into my life and have been such great friends. Jenn has been spreading the news of the photography business and is showing me that just because you have multiple babies, doesn't mean you can't have a life! Jenn-- you rock, lady. I don't know how I have gotten along without you all of these years!! You are super woman and SUCH an amazing mom. Plus, you look amaze-balls!

The feet pic is taking the nation by storm... ;)

That's a lot of toes to kiss!! :) 

Hope you enjoy your session as much as I enjoy your friendship and family!