Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Britton! Sneak Peek.

I got the chance to photograph Baby Britton last week. She is just gorgeous. I can tell she is going to be tall and beautiful, just like her mommy. Jamie is absolutely stunning, I couldn't even tell she had given birth 10 days prior! Britton has more hair at 10 days than Claire does at 10 months.

I was extremely nervous since this was my first newborn shoot, and I didn't want to mess up. There were shots that I would've loved to have tried to get, but Britton had a big day with lots of family visiting earlier in the day, and I didn't want to push her (or mommy) over the edge.

I can't wait to watch Britton grow up! She was just a perfect little model for everything we threw at her. She was a total natural and didn't mind the crazy lady with the camera! :)


  1. Rach, these are absolutely gorgeous photos! I'd say you rocked your first newborn photo session. Of course it probably helped that you had beautiful models to work with! :)
    God's blessings sis, Sarah :D

  2. Just gorgeous!! Great job Rachel!!