Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cullman Area Photographer- Sneak Peek Sisters L and K

Saturday may have been extremely cold and somewhat rainy, but I got a little sunshine from two of the most precious sisters, L and K. They were super sweet and were seriously bonded together in a way I can only hope that my daughters are. They are absolutely gorgeous and just full of personality. L was a little on the shy side while K would seek me out for pictures. They were troopers with the cold and we tried to hurry because we were trying to outrun some rain. These girls are the reason that I love photography so much- because I take a little piece of them home with me. I may not impact their lives that much, but they sure do pull on my heart strings.

Thanks so much girls!! I wouldn't have wanted to spend a cold, rainy Saturday any other way!


  1. Great job and such pretty girls! Love that book too ;)

  2. Great pics! Precious girls from a precious family! :)

  3. beautiful images and such pretty little ladies!